The team behind RZR challenges the status quo in shaving. A shaver as simple and sustainable as an old fashioned safety shaver combined with the comfort of modern shaving at an honest price.


Marco Vermeer

Marco started his career as an expert on contact center planning and forecasting. In his role as director at UPC Netherlands he was in charge of operational and financial management in this large organization. Therefore he is highly qualified to be responsible for managing operations and finance within RZR.

Remco Smit

Remco has over 20 years of experience in customer contact. Marketing and sales have always been the common thread in his career as he developed from a telephone salesperson to senior manager. His experience in sales and thinking in business opportunities make him ideally suited for the commercial side of the RZR project.

Patrick Schuur

Patrick is the founder of form + function an Eindhoven based studio for product design that works together with both start-ups and established companies to bring new products to market. Patrick is responsible for RZR's design and engineering.