RZR is a brand new company that develops and manufactures shaving products for men only


Evolution in shaving

The RZR-blades are placed in such a way that there is a larger contact area between your face and the blades. This way the RZR gives you feedback in a natural way making a hinge superfluous. A far more advanced and durable hinge can be used: your wrist.


Designed for comfort

In this innovative design the RZR-blade is placed opposite to what you would expect so moving parts are obsolete like dinosaurs. No flexball or moving part can do what your brain and wrist can do. RZR's premium quality blades are made of the finest metal alloy available making shaving so comfortable that added chemicals or lubricants are redundant. Lubra strips are great......for shaving your legs.


Reduce your eco-footprint

At RZR we don’t like trash, we care about the environment just as much as we value a smooth shave. The RZR is made of titanium also known as surgical steel. With the strongest material available and no moving parts in the design you will get a lifelong warranty on the holder. Since the disposable premium quality blades are made of metal only they are simply separated in the waste cycle by a magnet. You don’t have to do anything and can still feel good about your eco-footprint.


An honest price

The RZR comes with a lifetime warranty and is therefore a sustainable, long-term purchase. At a retail price of €89 for the RZR and €1,50 for a RZR-blade, you will break even in one year compared to other premium brands. Start saving significant money, year after year.


Get yourself a RZR